Maintaining your car is important. Checking on your car’s tires for signs of wear and tear is an important thing to do on a regular basis. You should check signs or wear monthly and before you take any long road trips. Utah auto repair shops have professionals there to help with these types of inspections, and many people are able to check on their tires on their own as well.

You will need to decide how bad the wear on your car is. This will tell you whether or not you need to buy new tires or have them balanced or aligned. Checking on them can save you from having to deal with a blown tire while you are driving.

Here are some simple things to look for when checking on your tires. These are just suggestions. If you ever have any question regarding whether or not there is aUtah Auto Repair problem with your car or its tires, contact your local Utah auto repair shop and they can help.

If you look at your tire and notice that both edges of it are worn there may be a problem with under-inflation. If this is the problem you can try adding some more air to the tire. If that doesn’t solve the problem, there may be a leak.

If the center treads of the wheel are what is worn that may be a problem with too much air. Over-inflation will cause the center treads to get worn faster than the outside of the tire. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for air and let out some air in your tires.

Poor alignment with your car can cause a variety of wear and tear on your tires. If there is only one-side of the tires that are worn this can be caused by misalignment. Also, if you notice any saw-toothed wear patterns or uneven spots on the tire this could also be caused by bad alignment. Fix the problem by having your wheels aligned.

Look for tire treads that have bald spots, cups, or scallops. This can be a sign that the wheels are not balanced. Balancing and aligning the wheels can easily fix this. Bald spots can also be a sign that the shocks may need to be replaced.

If you ever notice the wheels making strange noises while you are driving it is important to pay attention to these warnings. Whining, thumping, or squealing can be a sign that you need to align or replace your tires or shocks on your cars. Again, if you have any questions bring your car in to Utah auto repair mechanics to take a look at it.