It’s a cold winter morning and you are hurrying out the door when it happens.  You unlock your car door, grab the handle, and pull.


Despite your best efforts, the door refuses to open. It’s frozen shut and unwilling to budge.

There are a few things that you can do to prevent this early morning nightmare.  The first is to have your rubbers gaskets inspected. The rubber gaskets are the part of the door that actually freezes shut, so you want to make sure that there are not any breaks or tears. Once you are sure that your gaskets are in good repair or have done any necessary replacements, spray the gaskets with an oil based cooking spray. This layer will help prevent the door from freezing.

Besides your gaskets, you want to make sure that you entire door frame is clean and clear of any debris. Buildup can be a huge factor in freezing your door shut.

However, if that morning has arrived, and your door is frozen, always remember that the worst thing you can do it to pull hard in an effort to yank or force the door open.  This pressure can damage the gaskets. A better solution is to try and open a different door instead.

If you have tried all doors and none of them will open, then there are a few options.  If you have a car with a remote ignition, turn the car on.  The heat from the engine will help defrost and unstick your doors.

If you do not have a remote engine then there are several old fashioned ways to heat up your doorframe.  The first is by pouring warm (but NOT hot) water over the door to thaw the ice. If you have an extension cord, you can also use a hair dryer to melt the ice. Both of these methods will heat up the doorframe to the point that it will open with ease.