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Bi-Annual Auto Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

Like most things, our vehicles will last longer the better we take care of them. To help your vehicle live a healthier, longer lifespan, here are some maintenance tasks that you or a mechanic should implement every 6 months or so... Check Your Tire Pressure Consult your owner's manual for the correct tire pressure for your tires. You can check it with a hand pressure gauge yourself or drop by your dealership or oil [...]

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Got Your First Car? Choose the Right Mechanic!

What Should You Look For in a Mechanic? Finding the right mechanic isn’t always as simple as choosing the first search result on Google. We take that back—it is that simple, but we think you should consider other factors. When we think about what makes a great mechanic (one who’s right for you), we think about the shop’s reviews, costs, and location to start. Take reviews into consideration. Allowing someone to work on your [...]

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Improving Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

Old habits die hard, but it may be the key to getting better fuel economy from your vehicle. Change the Way You Drive If there was ever a time to make a gallon of fuel last longer, it’s now! Here are some tips from Master Muffler Provo for improving your vehicle's fuel economy, whether you're pumping gasoline or diesel. Stop “Warming Up” the Car Did you know the engine isn’t warming up when you [...]

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Your Car’s Filters: The Basics

Let in the Good, Let Out the Bad We’ve all been in the kitchen before, cooking some spaghetti. The noodles have been boiling for a while and are finally soft enough to eat and so you need to quickly get them out of the hot water. You can’t put your hand in there and take out the noodles one-by-one, nor is it practical to grab the serving spoon and ladle the noodles out of [...]

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Light the Fire: Understanding the Spark Plug

There are likely few people in the world who would compare themselves to Thor, God of Thunder, whenever they flip a light switch, but they have every right to do so. At the slightest flick of our finger, we call upon electricity to enter the room and be held in stasis within glass prisons for the benefit of our illumination. And when we grow tired of the light? We simply flick our fingers once [...]

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Making Utah Roads Safer

According to the Utah Department of Transportation, there have been 122 fatalities on Utah roads as of June 2021. We can all do better if we implement safe driving practices such as those listed below. Driving Tips for Safer Roads At Master Muffler, our Provo car repair teams only want to see your vehicle for routine maintenance; we’d hate to see you because your car needs repair after an accident. Eliminate Distractions Did you [...]

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Hitting the 100,000 Mile Marker

There are certain milestones by which we can chart our life as a driver: receiving our learning permit and later, our first license; purchasing our first vehicle with our own money; the first time we are pulled over and given a speeding ticket; the first time we take a ride with our children, bringing them home from the hospital. All of these experiences add mileage to our experience as drivers and, in a more [...]

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Know Your Transmission: Learning the Difference Between Automatic and Manual

Ever since our earliest days, we have been searching for our tribe; a group that we can call a family or a community; a flock to fly with, that will offer companionship and protection. In the days of antiquity, these groups were literal tribes that formed our hunting parties and comprised our village. Today, we still look for like-minded people by which to categorize ourselves, like asking someone what their Hogwarts House is, or [...]

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Best Starter Cars for the Newly Licensed

There is nothing quite like handing a set of car keys to a newly licensed teenager. We hope that they have paid attention during the classroom lessons, that they took seriously the frank discussions about respecting the power and lethality of the vehicle, and that they don’t allow excitement to overtake their reason while out on the road. There is a profound element of trust that every parent must exercise﹘one that we certainly appreciated [...]

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Today’s Luxury, Tomorrow’s Standard

The world of car innovation design is a fast-moving one, in which features that were dreamt of as luxuries only five years ago are now standard in most new vehicles. For instance, a Business Insider article from 2016 had the prescient perspective to write about new-fangled features that were currently only available in high-end luxury vehicles. Such features included Bluetooth connectivity, a rearview camera, and blind-spot detection. With the standardization of these features, chances [...]

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