Brake maintenance is an important part of your vehicle upkeep. Not only does it promote the safety of you and your passenger, but it helps you to avoid costly repairs and diminished vehicle life.

Provo Brake Repair

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The braking system recruits a number of components and is fairly complex. In some cases, brake repairs go far beyond just a simple brake pad replacement. At Master Muffler Provo, we take the time to properly diagnose any issues and possess the expertise necessary to soundly address them.

Look to us for your Brake Needs

Whether your brakes are worn and squealing or just need a tune-up, let us fix your brakes. We’ll have you safely on the road in no time.

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Components We Inspect

Automobile brakes

From the brake pedal to the wheel, there is a lot going on in order to magnify and transfer the force applied by your foot to the fast-moving wheels of your vehicle. Here are some of the braking components we check on as part of a comprehensive brake system inspection:

  • Master Cylinder
  • Brake Rotor (Disc Brakes)
  • Brake Drum (Drum Brakes)
  • Brake Pad (Disc Brakes)
  • Brake Caliper (Disc Brakes)
  • Brake Shoe (Drum Brakes)
  • Brake Booster
  • Brake Pedal
  • Wheel Speed Sensors (ABS)
  • ABS Module
  • Brake Lines and Hoses

Come In to Master Muffler Provo

At Master Muffler Provo, our mission is to provide best-in-class service to each and every customer. With a focus on safety, we will make sure that all issues are properly diagnosed and addressed so you can head back onto the road in a safer vehicle. If you are experiencing brake issues, or would just like a quick inspection to make sure everything is in order, we would be happy to help.

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