When your car feels a little different or is making different noises it is usually trying to tell you that it needs some work done on it. It’s always smart to look into the problem right away because the longer you drive while the noise goes on the more damage could happen to your car. But what kinds of noises can help you detect if you have problems with your axle?

If you are driving and you hear a clicking sound as you turn right or left, this could be a likely indicator that you have axel problems. Many times you can even hear this sound when your pulling your foot off the gas you’ll be able to hear this same noise.

If you find that the noise is more of a whining or a low rumble you can know it isn’t your axel but something else in your engine like a bearing unit.

Axles are a key part of your steering system, and as such are very important. Your axle can be more complicating that you may think. It is different with every car.

Now a days newer cars have a split axle. This means that both sides are connected to separate shafts. This allows for an easier ride because each side has separate suspension.

The split axle also provides better traction, which can be perfect for wet and wintery climates. The wheels turning at different speeds as you make your way around a corner or any turn accomplish this higher traction.

If there are any problems with your axle it is important to get them fixed right away. Because they really are so key to good driving conditions, as well as safety, it can be disastrous if anything were to go wrong.

When most of us are driving we usually have music or other distractions that lead us away from really listening to our car. If you start listening you can catch onto problems when they start right away. Then, just take it to your trusted car shop to help you fix your car.